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Syon Park Wedding Photography

For a long time now, I’ve wanted to shoot a wedding at Syon Park. It’s a unique London wedding venue, and the backdrop to many celebrity weddings over the years. Many couples getting married at Syon Park will choose to hold both their ceremony and reception at the venue. Couples can even choose to get ready at the conveniently located Hilton hotel on the same site. Anthony & Alannah however, chose the chapel at their old school for their ceremony, which I thought was a particularly nice touch. As a wedding photographer it’s always so much more enjoyable when couples put their own personal stamp on the day, and do things that mean something special to them.

After the ceremony, and a small drinks reception at the school, all the guests boarded a Routemaster bus to take them to Syon Park, and I followed on behind the couple, so that their wedding photography could include a portrait session in the grand hall of Syon House, before the couple rejoined their guest for the rest of the day. After a few more drinks and canapés we were all lead by the band down to the glasshouse at Syon Park where the wedding breakfast was held. As a wedding photographer that works predominantly with available light, one of the things that I love to capture is the changing mood of a venue as day turn to evening and evening into night. The glasshouse at Syon Park is perfect in this respect, and I hope in the pictures that follow I’ve been able to capture some of what it was like to be there at this amazing wedding.

“I can’t stop smiling they are PERFECT you captured every special part of the day and more and I couldn’t be happier!! It was such a fantastic day so thank you so much for doing it justice in our photos!!”

Anthony & Alannah

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