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Guy Hearn

I am a Buckinghamshire based photographer, shooting weddings full time since 2004, and am currently recommended by more than 20 wedding venues, including Blenheim Palace, Stoke Park and Hedsor House.

I have been a Photographic Judge at The Wedding Industry Awards (TWIA) for six years in a row, and was recently placed in the Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the UK by Country Life Magazine. Last year I was voted third best Wedding Photographer in London by the Evening Standard.

I am recognised for my natural free flowing style, which emphasises all the emotion and joy of a wedding day. I am more interested in the interaction between people than I am in overly elaborate posing of bride and groom, therefore my portraits are honest and relaxed, and I allow my couples to be themselves from start to finish. My storytelling documentary photographs are evocative and full of life , showing genuine moments of love, laughter and togetherness.

A wedding day shouldn’t become a photo shoot in my opinion. It’s an event that needs recording sincerely and empathetically. I work along side the action, quietly and calmly. I use flash sparingly, and rarely at all in the lighter months – this adds to the atmosphere of my photographs, and allows me to go for the most part unnoticed.

I shoot some family pictures at every wedding but these are done quickly and efficiently – my aim is to give my couples as much time to themselves as possible, so I can photograph them having the time of their lives with family and friends.

All my pictures are individually processed in a clean and pure style – I believe a strong photograph can stand on it’s own and should be timeless, without having to hide behind the disguise of filters and photo-trickery. I like my black and white pictures to be just that – and my colour shots are vibrant and true.

Simply put, I let my brides and grooms get on with enjoying the day, while I work hard to produce a stunning collection of photographs that reflect the magic and the fun of their wedding. I do not intrude, I do not make a fuss. The confidence that comes with having shot well over 500 weddings allows me to anticipate and capture the incredible moments that present themselves at each and every one.

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