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Jamie Dunn

Hi, I’m Jamie – thanks so much for taking the time to look at my work.

I am wedding photographer based in Berkshire and I like to photograph real moments and genuine emotions. Although a lot of my weddings are in Berkshire, I shoot all over the UK, Europe and often shoot weddings in London or the Home Counties.  

Before I became a full time photographer, I spent over ten years working for the Ministry of Defence as a scientist, specialising in electro-optics. This gives me a deep understanding of light and, together with my equipment, this means that I am never phased by a dark venue or evening ceremony – so I tend to get booked up for winter weddings very early!

I don’t stage events and prefer to be as unobtrusive as possible during the day so you can relax more, enjoy the wedding and relive it through images that you truly connect with. During the evening when everyone starts to relax I get in amongst the party and you will quite often find me at 11pm dancing with an usher taking some funky dance floor shots.  Basically, when my couples receive their images they see a day that they recognise and that they loved, a heightened version of the reality of their wedding day.

My style is photojournalistic but bringing out personalities quickly through portraiture is also something I’m passionate about so you can expect to receive some relaxed but beautiful portraits of you and your family.

Elegance is a large part of my inspiration and I find myself composing pictures that are thoughtful and delicate in their appearance (apart from when energy levels go through the roof at the evening reception).

I am really proud to have been recognised for my work by the UK & Ireland Masters of Wedding Photography and I spend my limited spare time travelling around the world learning from the best wedding photographers that I can find.

No one moment during a wedding is more important than another to me; so I work hard, start early and stay late.

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