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Stylish Wedding Photography

Paul Tansley – Unobtrusive Wedding Photography in Hampshire and surrounding counties.

My approach to wedding photography is very simple. I would like my couples to be in the moment of their wedding day, not spending their day worrying about how they look in pictures, being told where to stand, when to smile, do this, do that, flash, flash, flash.

Instead, I use mainly natural light and near silent cameras, that allow me to simply observe the days events, like a fly on the wall, being there, but not controlling the scene in any way or interfering with the running of my couples wedding day. I then use my skills in the digital darkroom to create a set of images that truly reflect the story of my couples day, making them look their very best and showing them and their guests having a great time or capturing any tears that might fall due to the real ever present emotions on a wedding day. My images are truthful, but I will of course tweak them to show the best things. I don’t want to see lots of fire exit signs in my wedding pictures – I don’t know anyone that would. I may be a documentary wedding photographer, but that is vastly different from being a news photographer where you should never retouch an image.

My background is fashion photography. I spent over 20 years in the fashion industry shooting for most of the UK’s leading women’s magazines, fashion stories and covers etc. My approach to fashion was actually very similar to my approach to weddings. I didn’t pose my models, they posed themselves, I merely captured what I saw through the lens. My weddings are very similar. I don’t pose my couples, I simply observe and create beautiful images from what I see and how I see the world through a camera lens.

As much as possible, I shoot using the available light as I find flashguns distracting when fired over and over. I don’t want my couples to feel like they are on the red carpet at a film opening. I’d much rather they almost forget I am there. I do of course resort to artificial light if it will improve the images in certain scenarios, such as the first dance or some creative portraits.

Although I shoot many weddings solo nowadays, I also shoot many with a second photographer, my partner Carol. Shooting with two photographers always provides a wider coverage of a wedding day and a more diverse set of images. As there are two pairs of eyes watching the days events unfold. And due to the nature of not posing people, the more eyes watching the better the chances of capturing special moments that happen in the blink of an eye. A second photographer is always a worthwhile investment, if they are also a talented photographer of course.

If you like the sound of an unobtrusive wedding photographer capturing your special day, then why not get in touch.

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